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In collaboration with the Royal College of Music, London, the world's No.1 music conservatory, Inspired Education and Forte presents 'Pathways to Performance', a ground-breaking collaborative initiative that offers our students exclusive access to world-class, personalised music tuition through Forte's revolutionary online music education platform.

Pathways to Performance is led by highly acclaimed music professionals with extensive teaching and learning experience at the Royal College of Music, London. Under the guidance of globally respected instrumentalists and singers, our aspiring musicians can elevate their practice to the highest level, attain a certificate of participation, and gain valuable performance experience.

Forte offers exceptional, bespoke private lessons customised to students' needs. As a result of Forte's targeted approach, students are empowered to reach their objectives. Over 8,000 families in 98 countries have benefitted from Forte's unwavering commitment to musical excellence, and our students are invited to participate in this exciting opportunity.

Discover how Forte's world-class, personalised music tuition can guide your child towards excellence.


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A Unique Programme Exclusively Designed for Inspired Students

Forte's Pathways to Performance programme combines the benefits of exceptional tuition by the world's finest musicians with the convenience of online classes. Tutorials are delivered using unique technology, featuring integrated dual cameras and the exceptional Forte Pure Audio, offering crisp, clear sound quality.

Music lessons may be recorded for future reference and live notebooks are kept in students' secure, personal folders. As participants of the Pathways to Performance programme, students attain a certificate of achievement and may showcase their talents in recitals.

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Bespoke, World-Class Music Tuition from Accredited Professionals

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Unlock Your Musical Potential to the Highest Level

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Unrivalled Preparation for Professional Music Careers

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Programme Overview

The Pathways to Performance programme caters to a broad range of students. Depending on the needs of each child, lessons can develop overall instrumental, vocal or composition skills or offer first-class preparation for auditions or public performances. To reflect their hard work, students may work towards attaining a certificate of attendance issued from the Royal College of Music.

Inspired students benefit from:

  • Six weekly, 1-hour private online lessons with a certified RCM tutor;
  • Fully personalised learning tailored to students ability level;
  • Convenient, private lessons that are held on Forte, an online music education platform utilising industry-leading audio;
  • Participation in periodic Pathways to Performance recitals attended by RCM teachers and administrators;
  • An RCM Certificate of Attendance after their third set of six lessons.

A Word From Our Founder

Founder of Inspired Education


“Inspired is proud to be the exclusive partner to the Royal College of Music and Forte's ‘Pathways’ programme, enabling us to offer exceptional, world leading musical tuition to all Inspired students. At Inspired we are constantly working to ensure our students receive the best possible education, and that includes world-class music tuition and enrichment.”

- NADIM M NSOULI, Inspired Founder, Chairman & CEO

The Performance Pathways Programme: FAQs

Participation in the Pathways to Performance Programme Costs £700. Courses include six one-hour lessons with a tutor, verified by the Royal College of Music and optional participation in the periodic Pathways to Performance programme recitals.

Yes fees can be paid in instalments. 

Initial Payment: £200 (Fully Refundable if Not Satisfied with the First Lesson)
2nd Payment: £250 (Due After Second Lesson)
3rd Payment: £250 (Due After Fourth Lesson)

We accept new students throughout the year. The Pathways to Performance programme accepts new students on a rolling basis, so there is no deadline to apply.

The programme is focused on classical music tuition and caters for most Western orchestral instruments.

Participation is recommended for students from 10 to 18; However, exceptions may be made for younger students on a case-by-case basis.

To participate in the programme, students should have studied music for at least two years and be able to read sheet music.

If you have any questions about the above criteria, please email us at: programs@fortelessons.com.

Most Pathways to Performance teachers will be located in the GMT timezone. Lessons are dependent on teacher availability.

Participating students will receive a Certificate of Participation after their third package of lessons.

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Discover how the pioneering Pathways to Performance initiative can elevate your musical potential and broaden your horizons for a future of achievement.