Inspiring Citizens Of The World

Student horizons are transformationally broadened through enriching experiences. While exploring new and exciting environments, students develop the lifelong skills of independence, confidence, and resilience to help them flourish and succeed.

Whilst participating in student life in one of our other premium schools, learners immerse themselves in a different culture, learn new language skills, and access the warm and welcoming communities our schools cultivate worldwide. Inspired students discover the ways of life of other children while taking part in this unique programme. During their experience, they gain a deepened understanding of the perspectives of their fellow global citizens which magnifies and informs their aspirations.

With exchanges lasting one week to an entire academic year, students create lasting memories and make life-long friendships before returning to their original Inspired school. 
• Prices are subject to change, and local taxes may apply. 
• We recommend avoiding exam years.
• All options are subject to availability.

Benefits Of The Programme

International Mindset

At Inspired, a core aim is to ensure learners are fully prepared for a successful academic and working life in an evolving, global world, therefore during an international exchange, students experience the benefits of being part of a global community. Students share knowledge with others from diverse backgrounds, and in the process, they understand that they are part of an interconnected world and gain a deeper understanding of social and cultural values. International exchanges also allow learners to contextualise their prior knowledge of history, art, geography, languages, and so much more.


The Inspired educational approach encourages students to be confident in their abilities and actively participate in all aspects of the learning experience. A global exchange experience allows participants to apply their leadership and communication skills in a different setting, preparing learners for their life beyond primary and secondary education with self-belief and resilience.

Future Opportunities for Work and Study

The benefits of partaking in an exchange programme extend beyond the parameters of school. While sharing cultural and academic experiences with international students, exchanges can facilitate the creation of lifelong social networks, leading to a more connected future.

Language and Social Skills

Bilingualism is an important feature of an Inspired education in which students learn to converse confidently in a least two languages from Primary education to IB. Studies show that the acquisition of an additional language is more effectively learnt with regular practice and overseas exchange opportunities offer an immersive language learning experience for young linguists to demonstrate their understanding under the guidance and encouragement of native speakers.


Travelling truly broadens the minds of young learners and for many Inspired students, long and short-term experiences overseas offer a unique opportunity for them to immerse themselves in other cultures whilst developing self-confidence in socialising with others and building their self-esteem while exercising their independence.

Schools Participating


How To Apply

Organising an exchange for your child can be done in 3 simple steps:


Complete the enquiry form below if you would like assistance from our Exchange Coordinator to choose the right school for your child to visit.


If you already know the school you would like to go to, contact the school via the email address listed in the brochure. Please include student name, current school, year group and the duration of the exchange.


Once you have made contact with either the Exchange Coordinator or the school directly you can relax in the knowledge that our schools will work together to put everything in place.

Please complete this enquiry form for further information.