Inspiring Citizens Of The World

Student horizons are transformationally broadened through enriching experiences. While exploring new and exciting environments, students develop the lifelong skills of independence, confidence, and resilience to help them flourish and succeed.

Whilst participating in student life in one of our other premium schools, learners immerse themselves in a different culture, learn new language skills, and access the warm and welcoming communities our schools cultivate worldwide. Inspired students discover the ways of life of other children while taking part in this unique programme. During their experience, they gain a deepened understanding of the perspectives of their fellow global citizens which magnifies and informs their aspirations.

With Exchanges lasting from 5 weeks to an entire year, students create lasting memories and make life-long friendships before returning to their original Inspired school. 
• Prices are subject to change, and local taxes may apply. 
• We recommend avoiding exam years.
• All options are subject to availability.

Benefits Of The Programme

International Mindset

At Inspired, a core aim is to ensure learners are fully prepared for a successful academic and working life in an evolving, global world, therefore during an international exchange, students experience the benefits of being part of a global community. Students share knowledge with others from diverse backgrounds, and in the process, they understand that they are part of an interconnected world and gain a deeper understanding of social and cultural values. International exchanges also allow learners to contextualise their prior knowledge of history, art, geography, languages, and so much more.


The Inspired educational approach encourages students to be confident in their abilities and actively participate in all aspects of the learning experience. A global exchange experience allows participants to apply their leadership and communication skills in a different setting, preparing learners for their life beyond primary and secondary education with self-belief and resilience.

Future Opportunities for Work and Study

The benefits of partaking in an exchange programme extend beyond the parameters of school. While sharing cultural and academic experiences with international students, exchanges can facilitate the creation of lifelong social networks, leading to a more connected future.

Language and Social Skills

Bilingualism is an important feature of an Inspired education in which students learn to converse confidently in a least two languages from Primary education to IB. Studies show that the acquisition of an additional language is more effectively learnt with regular practice and overseas exchange opportunities offer an immersive language learning experience for young linguists to demonstrate their understanding under the guidance and encouragement of native speakers.


Travelling truly broadens the minds of young learners and for many Inspired students, long and short-term experiences overseas offer a unique opportunity for them to immerse themselves in other cultures whilst developing self-confidence in socialising with others and building their self-esteem while exercising their independence.

Schools Participating


How To Apply

Organising an exchange for your child can be done in 3 simple steps:


Apply between September and November for a place on an exchange programme in the next academic year. Our Exchange Team is here to help with your application. For example, apply in September 2023 for an exchange in the 2024/25 academic year.



Complete the Exchange Enquiry Form listing your preferred 3 schools and wait for our coordinator to get in touch with availability.


Once you accept the placement offer, your chosen school will liaise with you directly to finalise details and invite your child to an online interview.

Please complete this enquiry form for further information.

General FAQs


  • To apply to the Exchange Programme, firstly, be aware of the application period from September to November for exchanges that will take place in the following academic year. Example: apply in September 2023 for an exchange that is going to happen during the 1º half of term 2 (January- February/25) of the 24/25 academic year. 
  • When the application period starts, access the Inspired School´s website ( and complete the Exchange Enquiry Form. 
  • Wait to be contacted by email by the Exchange team  

Students between the ages of 11 and 16 are initially eligible for the Exchange Programme. The programme is not recommended for students in exam years (Y11 and Y13) as we cannot guarantee full alignment of curriculums. We will contact the student's home school for a report on the child's behaviour and academic progress to determine if the Exchange would be suitable. 

The exchange program is planned for students ages 11 to approximately 16. It is always important to consider the student's maturity level, academic stage, and recommendation of the home school.  

If you are travelling as a family independently, we can accommodate exchanges at younger ages. 

The decision on the best period depends on a case-by-case basis. Factors to consider include the academic calendars of the home and host schools, the exchange program's duration, and the academic year in which the student is enrolled. In general, for short-term exchanges (around 5 to 6 weeks), the ideal entry period would be either in the first or second half of each term.

The costs depend on the duration of the Exchange, whether the student will enroll as a boarding or day student, and whether they are already a boarding student at their home school. 

For Short-term exchanges (5 to 8 weeks): 

  • If the pupil is going as a boarding student, they will be charged the boarding fees, which include access to lessons, accommodation and all the main meals. During the Exchange, the tuition fees continue to be paid to the current school as usual. 
  • In case the pupil is attending the host school as a day student (with Homestay or own accommodation provided), they will be required to pay the difference in tuition fees between the home and host schools (if the tuitions in the host school are higher than the ones in current school). This will be Pro rata of the term tuition fee, and current school tuition fees continue to be paid. 

Medium and long-term Exchange (9 weeks to one academic year):  

In case the Exchange takes over 8 weeks, the fees are not payable at the home school. Instead, it will be necessary to pay the full fee to the host school, inclusive of tuition & boarding. Fees will be charged as a proportion of the termly fees. E.g., for a stay of 9 weeks in a term of 12 weeks, the fee charged will be 9/12 = 0.75% of the termly fees.  

EU Boarding schools only - Exchange Admin Fee of €1000 is nonrefundable.

All schools - €750 deposit is fully refundable after the Exchange, minus any costs allocated with parents' consent. 

Cancelation prior to 3 months of the Exchange start date can expect a full refund on the Exchange fee. 

Cancelation within 3 months of the Exchange start date will not receive a refund, apart from the €750 deposit. 

The group assignment will honour the year or grade of the current home school. The only exception is if for calendar alignment, the schools suggest the year ahead or below to best fit within the child's academic progress. The schools will consult one another to find the best solution. 

When there is a difference in the academic calendar, we use the student's current academic year at the home school to determine the best equivalence at the host school.   

Despite some differences in curriculums, particularly for the final years or grades, the fundamental bases are similar, which facilitates the reintegration of the student upon their return to the home school. 

All the expenses related to airfare and all costs involved in the trip should be paid by the student. Any transfer services from the airport to the school provided by the host school may have additional costs. 

At the Host school

All the information related to the schools can be found on their respective websites or on the Inspired Group's website ( Once you have decided on a selection of schools, you can request the school prospectus and a meeting with the exchange team directly.

Extra language classes are subject to availability at the chosen host school.

All classes are taught in English, except for the International School San Patricio Toledo who have a slight bilingual element to the curriculum.

The decision on the best period depends on a case-by-case basis. Factors to consider include the academic calendars of the home and host schools, the exchange program's duration, and the academic year in which the student is enrolled. In general, for short-term exchanges (around 5 to 6 weeks), the ideal entry period would be either in the first or second half of each term.


The boarding houses always provide well-trained staff to take care of each student. As a team, it is their responsibility to ensure the boarders' well-being, safety, and best possible academic achievements by providing daily supervision and support from breakfast to bedtime. The students are encouraged to take part in every aspect of boarding life, including social events and sports activities.

Students can have free time alone. However, it is necessary for the parents' authorization to allow them to go out of the campus. Also, they need to have their mobile phone with them at all times and only circulate in a perimeter that is pre-determinate by the school. Times to reside in the boarding house also will need to be respected by the student.

There is usually an activity or excursion organised for boarders during the weekend, for example sports activities, cultural events, and visits to tourist sights/landmarks. Mornings can also be spent catching up with schoolwork or tidying their room. The kids can also enjoy a brunch together, get some shopping time in or watch the latest film at the cinema.

The students are responsible for keeping their rooms tidy. Laundry service is provided for the cleaning and changing of bed linens. All schools offer laundry facilities for personal clothing, either completed by the services team or by the students themselves, always under the supervision of a boarding house member.

The cleaning of the bathrooms and rooms is the responsibility of the cleaning staff of the boarding house.


This will be on a case-by-case basis. We will always prioritise homestays that are close to the school or easily accessible via the school bus route. Options could be walking, driven by their host family, public transport, or the school bus.

All families are government-registered and have undergone extensive background checks with regular visits to ensure quality and a safe and secure family environment.

The Inspired Group can assist families by giving general guidelines and by putting you in contact with the correct agents, but we do not manage the selection of the family. The industry professionals and agents lead us in the area.

The school and agency will always give full support if the student has any problems with their host family.

Our host families are people within the area, who are registered guardians and host families. That does not mean they will always have children at the same school you have selected. We promote this option for those who want to become Host families.

Weekends are a perfect opportunity for the student to live in a “home” environment in a different culture, involving the student in family activities. The host family will always offer special days out when it is possible.

Yes. Participation in clubs after school is available for all pupils and it is also recommended to ensure that the student will have full immersion in the host school life. All schools recommend the student pick 2 clubs per week as a minimum.

Return to home school

Reports will be shared between the two schools to clarify which content should be reinforced with the student upon returning to the home school.