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Important Announcement

Thank you for your interest in Portland Place School. As of summer 2024, the school has now closed. As a world-renowned group of 110+ premium schools, Inspired is proud to offer excellent alternatives to those seeking best-in-class independent education in London and across the UK. 

Inspired UK schools deliver leading academic provision that serves as a superhighway to prestigious universities and nurtures all students into confident, independent, multi-skilled individuals. Experienced teachers leverage top credentials to provide a rich and stimulating learning experience elevated by modern, cutting-edge facilities. With access to unique and prestigious opportunities, students continuously strive to develop their talents in a wide variety of exciting disciplines, becoming skilled in sports, the arts and many other areas. 

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As the top independent schools in the UK, our institutions are renowned for providing children with a solid foundation that empowers them to build wide-ranging skills and forge a path towards the world's most prestigious universities. As a result of their world-class education at our private schools, our students demonstrate their exceptional academic, sports and creative abilities on a global scale. They attain impressive results and gain university scholarships to support their admissions to the world's most prestigious institutions. We aim to prepare our pupils to develop a love of learning and forge a path towards fulfilling lives and successful professional careers around the globe.

Our schools uphold a strong reputation for celebrating diversity and delivering excellent education through a child-centred ethos, a values-based curriculum, and enriching learning opportunities that extend students' prospects far beyond graduation. Furthermore, the safeguarding and well-being of children is at the heart of our practices, and we are uncompromising in pursuing academic excellence. As members of Inspired, a global group of 110 schools in 24 countries worldwide, our schools are committed to sharing international best practices, nurturing talent and preparing young individuals to pursue their dreams so they can thrive as future leaders in an evolving world.

Students benefit from a robust, holistic, widely-respected curriculum formed around Inspired's 'Three Pillars of Modern Education': Academic Excellence, Sports, and Performing and Creative Arts. In combination, the pillars empower students to achieve outstanding outcomes at every stage of their education, leading them to exceptional results and a solid foundation of success, which our students can continue to build upon. Listed below are some of the most prestigious independent schools in the UK, each welcoming children into a first-class environment that offers the highest-quality tuition, exceptional opportunities for personal development and a unique path that will broaden their horizons and lead them towards lifelong success.