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This exciting new challenge, digitally hosted by Fulham School London, will provide Inspired students around the world with an opportunity to showcase their skills and knowledge in the fast-developing area of robotics.


The robot challenge will be divided into ranges of complexity for age groups between 7-13; each designed to be a fun and engaging problem-solving process that really gets students thinking about ingenious and creative answers. The starter level for ages 7-8 will ask students to make a robot that can move about – whether that is slowly across a desk or disco-dancing down the hallway. How they move and why is up to the students - the sky’s the limit. More complex categories include a robot that can move obstacles from place to place, while students aged 12-13 will be tasked with creating a robot that moves like an animal – from bunny-hopping to flying like a bird. 

Students can compete individually, in partners, or trios, and there is no limit to the number of entries that one school can submit. Entries open 21st June 2021 and will be scored by a panel of judges against a standard set of criteria. Winners will be announced by 28th June 2021. 

Each age bracket will also be required to create a "mission statement" for their robot, explaining how and why they have enabled their robot to move. The top five best mission statements from each category will be chosen as podium winners and awarded with certificates from Fulham School. 

Vision2025 – preparing today’s students for the jobs of tomorrow 

Hosting a robot challenge across the Inspired network of schools, is a natural progression as part of Fulham School’s IT (Information Technology) programme and vision for the future - Vision2025. By recognising how a Fourth Industrial Revolution is ushering in new ways of working, last year Fulham School decided it was time to radically shift the way the school delivers their IT curriculum in order for it to keep up with the rapid pace of advancements and emerging technologies. In Autumn 2020 the school introduced a bold new Vision2025 programme to 200 students across Years 3-8; an initiative designed to reflect emerging technology trends and help prepare the workers of tomorrow for the digital shift. With smart technology continuing to transform every corner of our lives, Fulham School is embracing the huge task ahead to equip children with the skills they will need to thrive in an ever-changing digital workplace. 

As an Inspired school, Fulham School is proud to host the robot challenge and to connect with the best of the best creative minds from Inspired schools to share experiences and ideas around the globe. 

Learn more about the Vision 2025 curriculum in this link: