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Year 11 students from Inspired Education Group schools across the globe are celebrating outstanding sets of GCSE and IGCSE results, despite the extraordinary circumstances triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic. The school’s online, live, and continuous e-learning system stepped in seamlessly, allowing students to finish their course and to begin pre-learning for next years A level courses.


London, August 21st 2020

Students from Inspired’s global family of schools have secured exceptional GCSE and IGCSE results again this year, following on from record results in recent weeks for A Level and International Baccalaureate students. Inspired schools set the highest standards for academic success and  holistic education to ensure exam results are outstanding, a love of learning is embedded, and students move forward with confidence, pride and integrity. Despite the restrictions faced in this challenging year, these record results demonstrate the commitment and determination of the Inspired community to ensure students achieve their full potential and unlock the next steps in their exciting educational journey.

Nadim Nsouli, Inspired Education Founder, Chairman and CEO, adds "we are delighted with such a strong set of IGCSE results that reflect the hard work and resilience of our students in the toughest of years; they have risen to the challenge set by our excellent teachers. We switched seamlessly to live and continuous virtual learning when restrictions required this, ensuring that student progress was uninterrupted and their aspirations undiminished. Congratulations on such well deserved success."

Nick Wergan, Inspired's Global Education Director, adds "such great success in these exam results underlines the quality of education provided in Inspired schools around the world school, the depth of character and superb work ethic of our students, and the exceptional subject knowledge and skill of our teaching teams. Students and teachers alike have had to innovate and adapt in this extraordinary year, and these excellent results reflect this determination and grit."


 School's 2020 exam highlights include:

  • In Spain, all King’s College schools (Alicante, Madrid and Murcia) have set new records on their historically high grades. In King’s College School La Moraleja (Madrid), which recently expanded to Year 11, the first cohort of IGSCE students have set the bar very high, with 50% entries at A* (9-8), 72% at A* – A (9-7) and 99% at A* – C (9-4).
  • 2020 was also the first year that Fulham School (UK) had a Year 11 graduating cohort and students have achieved superb GCSE results with 40% entries at A* (9-8), 58% at A* – A (9-7) and 100% at A* – C (9-4).
  • In Reddam House Berkshire (UK) Year 11 students are also celebrating the best set of GCSE results in the school’s history, with 39% of grades at A* (9-8), 63% at A*- A (9 -7 ) and 82% A*- B (9 – 6).
  • In Oman, the largest IGCSE cohort in the history of the school has achieved impressive standards, with 24% grades at A* (9-8) and 56% at A*- A (9 -7 ).