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Inspired Education Expands Virtual Reality and Metaverse Pilot


Due to overwhelmingly positive feedback Inspired have expanded pilot from 5 to 17 schools.

VR learning has reached tipping point with over half of parents seeing a positive impact.

London, UK – 30 March 2023

Inspired Education Group (“Inspired”), the world’s leading global group of premium schools, is expanding its Virtual Reality (VR) based lessons across select schools around the globe after a successful pilot in 5 schools.

The metaverse has the power to greatly improve the quality of education of young learners. Inspired started it’s metaverse pilot in March 2022 and after substantial positive feedback from students, parents and teachers, has now expanded the pilot to a total of 17 schools. The feedback has consistently noted that the VR and metaverse experience provides children with a more exciting and dynamic interaction with academic material, which in turn has improved information retention and understanding.

Through VR based learning Inspired students are conducting nuclear science experiments, experiencing the scale and magnitude of the Pantheon and the pyramids, and learning about volcanoes from 'inside' the rock formation. Virtual reality has become the norm for Inspired’s King’s InterHigh (KIH) International Baccalaureate® Diploma Programme pupils. Students experience at least one class in the metaverse every week, where lessons combine the best in education technology, online teaching and learning practices. VR based learning now accounts for 5% of the taught curriculum at KIH.

Research findings show that VR learning and the metaverse has reached a tipping point – with half (51%) of parents agreeing that VR learning in the metaverse has a positive impact on their children’s education. With 24% of parents going even further and stating that the metaverse specifically caters for a particular way of learning that their child needs. As the Easter holidays kick-off, and with VR and/or [CW2] the metaverse accessible for nearly half (48%) of children at home, Inspired is calling for parents to take the time to engage and learn about the technology, and appreciate all it can do to boost their child’s education.


Nadim Nsouli, Founder, Chairman & CEO of Inspired, said: “Inspired were the first global group of schools to invest and implement a metaverse school and we are now very excited to be expanding our metaverse and virtual reality pilot. Learning for students should be engaging and immersive; this enables deeper and better learning. VR when combined with the metaverse gives students access to activities that are otherwise inaccessible; students can teleport to obscure places, time travel, and experience ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ scenarios from their classrooms. It motivates students, playing to their digital native, gamified worlds, while instilling a love and fascination for learning. This love of learning is integral to the Inspired way of teaching.”

Nicholas Wergan, Global Education Director of Inspired, said: “When virtual reality and the metaverse are combined they give students a chance to embrace experiential learning in a way that only technology can facilitate. It enables students to observe a woolly mammoth, handle a human heart or travel deep inside a volcano, deepening their learning and understanding.

VR learning is a solo experience, but when combined with the metaverse students still get the benefits of interacting with their peers and having a teach present to guide learning. As a global schools group, our metaverse lessons enables students from around the world to learn together in this virtual classroom, in a masterclass style lesson that is collaborative and socially constructivist.”

Inspired is present at the BETT Global event this week in London, UK showing how metaverse is used in classes and to enhance learning.