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King's InterHigh becomes a Cambridge-accredited online school

We are delighted to announce that King's InterHigh (part of Inspired Online Schools) is now officially accredited as a fully online Cambridge International School, solidifying its position as a trailblazer in education.

King's InterHigh becomes a Cambridge-accredited online school

Cambridge accreditation is a hallmark of world-class education, reflecting the 159-year legacy of Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE, formerly CIE), a department of the University of Cambridge. Historically, Cambridge International Schools were always brick-and-mortar institutions, and earning accreditation requires a months-long assessment of mission, quality, leadership, and more.

One of just a small handful of online schools to achieve this recognition, King's InterHigh continues to demonstrate its high standards, commitment to educational excellence, and position as a leader in virtual learning.

On the news, Executive Head of King's InterHigh Catriona Olsen says, " We are thrilled to have achieved Cambridge-accreditation, further demonstrating our academic excellence. This milestone reflects the dedication and hard work of our diligent and talented team, and we are all delighted that through this qualification students will have even more opportunities available to them after their education."

The advantages of Cambridge recognition extends to the thousands of students in King's InterHigh's global community. The school already teaches a number of Cambridge International programmes at GCSE and A Level, bringing students a respected, well-rounded education from anywhere in the world. Cambridge's learner attributes (confidence, responsibility, reflectiveness, innovation, and engagement) are reflected in every subject, and the curriculum is designed to promote personal growth and transferrable skills as well as impart in-depth knowledge.

Cambridge accreditation is in complement to the premium standards of education we uphold at Inspired Education. Inspired Online Schools CEO Ashley Harrold says, "As the UK’s leading online school we are constantly looking for more ways to ensure our students have access to the best possible education. Part of this commitment is ensuring we are providing students with qualifications that can further help them unlock their future potential. This accreditation is a symbol of academic excellence and is held in high esteem by the world’s most prestigious universities, including Russell Group and Ivy League institutions." He adds, "Families are increasingly understanding that online schooling is a valid, viable and even preferable route to superb educational outcomes via a bespoke and flexible educational model. This further validates King’s InterHigh approach as a meaningful alternative pathway for young people, giving families even more confidence in our outstanding educational offer."

Students can take Cambridge examinations in most countries around the world, ensuring King's InterHigh's innovative learning is accessible to students no matter where they live. Assessments are thoughtfully crafted to test students on the most important factors — knowledge, understanding, and critical thinking — with a flexible, linear structure that affords plenty of learning time and a reduced sense of exam stress. This is a perfect complement to King's InterHigh's own cycle testing initiative, which is highly praised by students and reflected in their strong exam outcomes.

Following their exams, the biggest strength of a Cambridge-accredited education lies in the doors it opens for the future. Cambridge International programmes are recognised by over the world's top universities, from Oxbridge to Harvard to NUS, and the skills students build while studying are highly regarded by admissions officers. Cambridge's learner attributes, meanwhile, are closely informed by the expect-agreed 21st-century skills that students need to prepare for successful careers in a huge range of fields.

Alongside serving as a testament to the quality education King's InterHigh offers, Cambridge accreditation symbolises the rapidly evolving face of global learning. In step with Cambridge International's own perspectives of online learning, King's InterHigh offers an exceptional, personalised education for students across all learning styles, circumstances, commitments, and future aspirations.

Inspired Education Group and King's InterHigh are elated to usher in the future of learning with Cambridge accreditation status, bringing another layer of recognition to our online offering. This amalgamation of traditional and innovative educational values sets a promising course for the future of schooling.