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Inspired offers academic excellence to over 80,000 students in over 110 schools across 24 countries. The international group of leading, premium schools utilises best educational practices from every corner of the globe to ensure each student receives a first-class learning experience, from Kindergarten to Year 13.

Inspired schools remain anchored in the vibrant cultures of their respective locations, and collectively, they form an international community that nurtures each student's academic and personal development in a progressive, dynamic, and innovative learning environment.

Specialist-led, extracurricular activities and exchange programmes are woven into the fabric of Inspired's approach to schooling, resulting in a well-rounded, diverse student population of engaged, active learners who confidently apply their wide-ranging skills within a global context.

Students benefit from a robust, holistic, international curriculum formed around the Inspired three pillars of modern education: academic excellence, sports, and performing & creative arts, with dedicated, highly qualified teachers who demonstrate Inspired's exemplary methodology. In the application of a student-centred teaching model, Inspired schools achieve outstanding examination results and, importantly, nurture happy, multi-skilled individuals who have faith in their abilities. Inspired students are empowered to fulfil their potential and are fully equipped to thrive in a modern world.

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Inspired has regional teams to support our growing family of schools


Academic Results

Academic excellence is the central pillar of education at Inspired. We know that an exemplary education leads to qualifications that can open doors beyond school and are the catalyst for success at university and in the world of work. However, Inspired schools do not teach students to simply pass examinations, but to actively partake in an on-going process of learning. Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary and Senior students across the Group reach their academic potential because they are engaged in their education, their self-confidence is strengthened through enquiry-based learning, and they are empowered to think critically as their minds are ignited by outstanding teaching.

Inspired students consistently exceed expectations demonstrating the effectiveness of teaching methods, and year after year, they receive outstanding results surpassing global and national averages in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma, A levels and (I)GCSEs. We are incredibly proud of our students' achievements, and of the teachers who encourage and inspire them to succeed.

Inspired Schools are amongst the highest performing in the world, despite being non-selective. The following accolades are just some of the Inspired Group’s achievements:

Colegio San Patricio, Spain

1st in the '100 best schools in Spain’ (El Mundo, 2024)

St. George's International School, Switzerland

Top IB School in Switzerland, Joint n.1 IB school in Europe

St. Louis School, Milan

Joint top IB school in Italy, Top 10 IB school in Europe

ACG Parnell, Auckland

Ranked 1st ‘independent school in NZ’

Reddam House, Sydney

1st in the ‘independent schools in New South Wales’

Brookhouse School, Nairobi

Number 1 UK Curriculum school in Kenya, member of G30 and Round Square

ACG Schools, New Zealand

Most awarded school group in NZ, with ‘10 Top in World in the 2023 Cambridge Exams'

Reddam House, South Africa

100% Matric pass rate over the last 20 years

ACG Schools,​ New Zealand​

Nine 'Top in the World' Cambridge Outstanding Learner Awards, 2021

Colegio International La Miranda, Spain

Top 25 of the '100 best schools in Spain’ (El Mundo, 2024)

Mirabal International School, Spain

Top 25 of the '100 best schools in Spain’ (El Mundo, 2024)

Ramon y Cajal, Spain

Top 25 of the '100 best schools in Spain’ (El Mundo, 2024)


  • 30% of Inspired graduates are accepted into Ivy League and Russell Group universities

  • 90% of Inspired graduates are accepted into their first-choice university


Founder of Inspired Education

Inspired Founder, Chairman & CEO

“Inspired students benefit from access to a unique global community while attending schools anchored in their locales. With a holistic curriculum focused on the three pillars of modern education: academic excellence, sports and performing and creative Arts, the individuality of every student is unlocked, giving Inspired students transformative opportunities to achieve self-actualisation, fulfil their full potential, and flourish.”

Nadim M Nsouli

Internationally Recognised Qualifications

Inspired schools deliver robust, learning curriculums for children aged 1-18 years old.

In the Heart of the Community

Each school in the Inspired Group is uniquely designed and developed in response to its environment and location.

A Vibrant Schooling Alternative

Inspired schools offer an exciting and innovative educational experience with a unique philosophy.

A Strong Reputation for Excellence

Each Inspired school has earned a superlative reputation for delivering world-class international education.

Selecting the Best Teachers

Hand-picked educators and field specialists of the highest calibre teach engaging lessons at all levels.

Nurturing Individuality

Inspired schools develop well-rounded, happy individuals who simply love school and are engaged in their learning.

Emphasis on Sports, Art, and Academia

Academics, Sports, and Creative & Performing Arts form the three pillars of Inspired’s approach to modern holistic education.

Appealing to a Broad Base Community

Inspired schools offer an exciting, co-educational learning environment for children aged 1-18 years.

State of the Art Facilities

School campuses are designed to reflect Inspired’s innovative educational approach.

College/University Applications

Inspired counsellors have built relationships with the world’s top universities and provide invaluable support throughout the application processes.

Global Exchange Programmes

With over 80 schools in more than 23 countries worldwide, Inspired students have unique access to an international community of schools.